Utility Functions

YORM provides a set of utility functions to interact with mapped classes and instances in a manner similar to other ORMs.


To create a new mapped object:

yorm.create(MyClass, *my_args, **my_kwargs)

If YORM is allow to overwrite an existing file during the mapping:

yorm.create(MyClass, ..., overwrite=True)


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To yield all matching instances of a mapped class:

yorm.match(MyClass, **my_kwargs)

where **my_kwargs are zero or more keyword arguments to filter instances by.


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ORM Methods

If you would like your class and its instances to behave more like a traditional object-relational mapping (ORM) model, use the provided mixin class:

import yorm

class Student(yorm.ModelMixin):

which will add the following class methods:

  • new - object factory
  • find - return a single matching object
  • match - return all matching objects

and instance methods:

  • load - update the object from its file
  • save - update the file from its object
  • delete - delete the object's file